PANAMA CASA is the leading property management company in Panama.

A well-established exclusive property management company in Panama focused on full service rentals, corporate and monthly rentals management.

Implementing effective property management concepts from the US and Panama we have built a full service property and asset management company designed to make owning offshore real estate investments hassle free. By providing management in all major sectors of real estate we can maximize the returns on well-located quality real estate investments. We provide full service management with services including bill payment, overseeing repairs and remodeling of older apartments as well as furnishing service to efficiently put your real estate investment in top condition and maximize your overall yield.

Our office is well located in downtown Panama City. We have established working relationships with many of the top realtors and corporations in Panama so are able to provide maximum exposure of your property. We also work with the embassies and a number of top relocation companies. Monthly full service and corporate rentals are still in high demand in Panama.

The PANAMA CASA management team and our longstanding network seamlessly provide all of your management needs.

PANAMA CASA provides full service property management with programs for executive long term rentals and full serviced monthly rentals. By providing a full range of management choices we are able to maximize your returns and suit your style of investment. Location and type of apartment you invest in will affect which program best suits your needs.

Full service corporate and monthly rentals provide the optimum net returns in the primary down town banking area of Panama City. The highest end apartments are located in this desirable area of the city. The best yields in the short-term market are from one and two bedroom apartments. For clients staying extended periods these apartments can seamlessly be rolled into the long-term full service program. With apartments that serve both of these markets we maximize your return with minimal vacancy. Due to Panamas strict laws opposing how investors can utilize there properties other Latin American countries such as Colombia and Peru are becoming the leading real estate investment option as well and our Premier Casa property management partners can serve your needs in other countries as well

For apartments that are larger or out of the prime short-term area we recommend the long-term rental program. The location and desirability of each particular apartment affects the overall return.

PANAMA CASA has bill pay service, monthly cleaning services, linen service, a full service furnishing program, and can over see accomplishing everything from minor repairs to major remodeling. This opens the market of older buildings and apartments to international investors to go from an older fixer upper to a freshly remodeled and fully furnished prime rental apartment. These services make the ownership of your international real estate investments trouble free. Panama Casa will provide you with resources and all the elements for successful rental property management.

Our management fees on full service short term rentals is 20% of the gross rent. There is a one-time initial set up fee of $300 for new apartments coming into our pool this is for the lucrative vacation rentals which are illegal in Panama city but can be done in the beach areas.

Our management fees for full service long-term rentals is 15% of the gross rent collected. Full service long term have all of the services of short-term rentals and are targeted for the monthly corporate and business rental people. The full service corporate monthly rental program will maximizes occupancy of the apartments and your annual returns. This is a good options since the lucrative vacation rentals are not legal in Panama so to maximize your real estate investment dollar there are other very good Latin American options.

The third program we have is for long-term rentals. This is often the best choice for larger apartments consisting of 3 or more bedrooms and apartments that are not located in the prime down town area. The fees for this program are the first month's rent commissions plus a 10% monthly management fee.

Panama Casa partnered with Premier Casa is also a leader in commercial and office rentals in Panama City

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